Westlaw Access Free at Justice Center

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7:35 am
Thanks to a new contract and mix of services with Westlaw, the Warren County Law Library now offers its patrons (including the local bar) wireless access to the Law Library's Westlaw account.
To utilize the Law Library's Westlaw account wirelessly, users must be connected to the Wi-Fi network which the Law Library provides within the confines of the Warren County Justice Center.  Once connected, you may enter the following URL into the web browser on your portable device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc):
Once you have agreed to the terms of service presented on that page, you will have access to the expanded and robust package of subscribed content available to patrons of the Warren County Law Library. 
Up to six concurrent users are permitted at one time. Users are asked not to log on unless actively researching, and to exit the program once research is complete.