Bar Officers, Board Proposed

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4:06 pm

The Board of Directors of the Bowling Green-Warren County Bar Association has voted on a proposed slate of officers and directors for the 2015 Bar year. This action is required pursuant to our bylaws; and the Bar membership must be provided notice.

Further, the bylaws require that the Board provide Members the opportunity to contest the proposed slate by election at the January meeting of the Bar Association.
The January membership meeting and election will be a lunch meeting on Thursday, January 15, 2015 at Noon at 440 Main Restaurant.

The Board has adopted the following persons as its slate for your consideration:

2015 Officers

Pres. - Dov Moore
VP - Ryan Reed
Sec. - Brent Stinnett
Treas. - Deborah Wilkins
Past Pres. - Lindsay Hinton

New Directors (for 2 year term ending in January of 2017):

Joe Loney
Jill Justice
Jessica Surber
Richard Hartsock
Sean Rukavina

Returning Directors (previously elected for a 2 year term ending in January of 2016):

Lauren Marley
Maria Stewart
Darren Mexic
Rebecca Simpson
Carrie Link