Barristers Man Five Locations for Salvation Army

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9:01 am

Updated Dec. 16, 2015

Jim Harris once again headed up a full day of bell ringing for the Salvation Army on Dec. 10 at five different locations in Bowling Green.

"Ring it with heart," Harris wrote in an email before the event. "If you want to wear a Christmas hat, wear it.  If you want to sing Christmas carols, sing them.  If you want to bring a friend , your spouse or children, bring them. Children usually ring
better than adults anyway."

Ryan Reed and Sandy Clark were among the bell ringers. They manned a post at the Walmart grocery.

The effort was successful, according to an email from Harris.

"I am pleased to advise that our bell ringing was successful this year. We collected $ 2,335.05 on December 10 and are in first place among the groups of ringers," he wrote. "I appreciate very much those of you who gave your time for this worthwhile project, and it was especially gratifying to see so many of you bringing your children to help. What a great lesson for them. We had five spots and needed 25 volunteers. We got 24. Good for you and congratulations."

Harris encourages those who haven't participated in the past to join in, saying, "I promise you that it is worth it -- just ask anyone who rang."

Locations and bell ringers are shown below.





Campbell Lane

(Main Door)


Campbell Lane

(Grocery Door)




(Scottsville Rd)



Jennifer Holder and Tyra Hurst

Deborah Wilkins

Heather Coleman

Dana Sanson and Shea Sanson



Ena Viteskic and Kyle Bumgarner

Ryan Reed

Lauren Marley

Kevin Brooks


Jessica Surber

Tom Hulsey

Steve Downey and Dick Downey


Keith Wilctt


Steve Hixson

Julie Burklow & Family

Matt Cook


Jill Justice


Carlos Bailey

Laura Hagen

Carrie Jolly Link


Ashlea Shepherd

--Story and photo by Dick Downey