Outing to Hot Rods....

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4:23 pm

Family Fun for This Year's Game

Last updated May 24, 2016

Sponsored by FindLaw, the BG-WC Bar Association will make the annual outing to a Hot Rods game a family affair with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Great seat for the game are guaranteed. The outing will include several family friendly features so members can include their children in the fun, including free kids play passes for the carousel and speed pitch area, a chance for one of the kids to throw out a first pitch and an appearance by Broadway the Clown.

Kids' tickets are only $10, and that includes the picnic buffet, making this fun affordable. Bar members' tickets are available at no cost, and adult guest tickets may be purchased for $26 each.

Game day has been revised to June 9. Printable Flyer/Sign-Up Sheet